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Ireland Mitchell is a Kingdom worker —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

CIY’s Kingdom Worker Crash is an opportunity for high school students to share how God has placed a desire on their heart and use them to make a difference in their communities.


Here is Ireland Mitchell's story.



Ireland Mitchell was so excited to open her Kingdom worker challenge card at a CIY MOVE event, and immediately got to work on organizing a food drive and Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. She only had a few months to prepare, and she wanted all the food to be homemade – expressing the magnitude of love God has for His children. Ireland rallied help at her church and hundreds of pounds of food was prepared for the event. She shared she was disappointed at first when only six people showed up – for her event planned for 800 – but God wasn’t done with the day. Some stragglers came in, and their lives were changed because of the meal. More lives were changed when she and her helpers packed up the food and delivered to those in need downtown. Ireland said everything God had planned for her project worked out exactly how He wanted, and He will continue to do so with other Kingdom workers’ endeavors.


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