Jr. High -

I’m thankful because ... a grandchild’s perspective —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/11/2019

CIY asked sisters Lain and Mya Davison, 14 and 11 respectively, what God had done in their lives that they’re most thankful for. They instantly both thought of a special individual in their lives.

“Our Grandma Shirley Grauel has had a lot of eye surgeries and I’m thankful God has always taken care of her,” Mya said. “She’s lived legally blind most of her life. She lives in Kansas City, and every summer we get to spend a week with her and it’s always a lot of fun.”


“Being with her taught me patience,” Lain said. “Wherever we go we have to guide her and read things – like the menu – to her. But honestly, she’s my role model. She’s so strong. A year ago she had to have an eye surgery that she might not have made it out of. She took this bad situation – when other people might have just been sad – and she had a party before the surgery. She turned something sad and turned it into positive.”


“It was a pirate party, and she had eyeballs on the cupcakes!” Mya said. “She’s a role model for us definitely because of everything she’s been through. I know there’s going to be stuff in the future we’ll go through, too – and we won’t know what to do and it’ll be hard – but we’ll remember our grandma and know we can do it because she did something way harder.”


“There’s so much more we could say about Grandma Shirley but we’re thankful God put her in our lives,” Lain said.