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I thank God because ... a youth leader’s perspective —

By Matt Tibbit

Created on 09/11/2019

As a Christ follower I am becoming increasingly thankful for the cross.

When I was a new believer in high school, I genuinely thought that the longer I followed Christ, the less I would sin and the more I would look and smell like Jesus. While that's somewhat true –my faith has grown over the last couple of decades – I've become increasingly aware of how far I have to go and how fallen I really am. 

Instead of relishing in the everyday external struggles, my focus has been moved to all of the internal heart struggles still raging within me. It's as if God is continuously saying to me, “You say you don’t struggle with this anymore, but you still think and feel the same way even though you’re not expressing it outwardly … What are we gonna do about that?”

This growing awareness of my true spiritual depravity makes me increasingly thankful for the relationship that God gave this dark-hearted knucklehead through the cross.


I’m a student minister and God has given me an amazing team at my church – some of them have been on staff and loving kids for more than a decade. I'm thankful that they put up with this harebrained, forgetful goober but I’m more thankful for the lasting impact they are leaving on the students of our community for the Kingdom. 

Matt Tibbit is the student minister at Prairie Grove (AR) Christian Church.