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I heard the call … with Mallory Jenkins —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

All Kingdom workers’ stories are different. Sometimes the call to Kingdom work happens in the flash of a moment. Other times the call comes over a long period of time through multiple experiences. For CIY MIX Program Coordinator Mallory Jenkins, the call to Kingdom work came during a screening of the CIY-produced documentary, “Love Costs Every Thing.”

M_Love-Costs-Everything.jpg“That moment when I got to see ‘Love Costs Every Thing’ was a huge milestone in my identity,” Jenkins said. “It was the summer before I was getting ready to go into Bible college, and we were attending MOVE. When I heard that a whole session was going to be devoted to a feature-length film, I was over the moon – so excited to hear from the persecuted church from four different perspectives. But when it started with the first story and the subtitles appeared on the screen, my heart sank. I have a severe form of dyslexia – even at age 25 I have the reading level of a fifth grader. I can’t read subtitles because they go too fast for me. It’s out of the question. I get frustrated and sad.


“This film had so many important voices of so many different cultures, and it was important to hear those voices in their native tongue. But for me it was going to be such a battle because I was going to sit there for two hours and not be able to read it.


“But at that moment, my youth minister, Matt Tibbit – who knew of my reading disability – moved seats so that he could sit next to me and read the entire movie to me.


“I say that moment was ‘a milestone in my identity’ because at that point I didn’t know I was going to go into preaching. I didn’t know I was going to do anything that had to do with reading or writing because I had shut myself off to that. I never considered a profession that involved reading or writing ,even though I enjoy creativity. But when my youth minister took the time to read to me – something I was so passionate about – that was probably one of the greatest moments of my life.


“‘Love Costs Every Thing’ to me means so much because watching it created a moment when someone saw me like Jesus sees people. I just love that.


“When you’re feeling defeated, you can see Jesus as an advocate. I longed for that relationship, but something came up to tear down my identity. Jesus came alongside me and provided a way. That was the truest of moments of seeing Jesus, and it was in the form of someone coming alongside me and my insecurities.”


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