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I am a Kingdom worker: Jamie McKee —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

Jamie McKee was the first international student to ever share a testimony in one of the featured Kingdom Worker Crash videos at MOVE, and his story is a remarkable one full of miracles and visions.

Jamie dedicated his life to Christ about two years ago at a worship event near his home in Northern Ireland. After years of miraculous healing from a childhood accident – in which doctors said he would never recover – Jamie started going to the RIOT Youth Center in an attempt to get out and socialize more. But he said in the moment when he prayed an invitation for Jesus to live in his heart, God showed him something in a vision.


“I believe God speaks to me in visions, and this dark figure of a body slowly moved until I saw a heart, and then there was this light shining through it,” Jamie said. “God told me I was whole again, and He was there for me – and I believed it.”


A huge part of Jamie’s story has been his battle against depression.


“I never had a good self-image,” he said. “I put myself down a lot, which I know isn’t good. I know that we’re all made in God’s image, but I always wondered if I was God’s one mistake. And that thought made me feel like a bad Christian – it all put me in a bad place – and at first I didn’t even want to admit I had depression. But every time I went through tough times and thought about ending everything, God always stepped in. I don’t know what His plan is, but I’ll find out.”


CIY’s MOVE team was impacted by Jamie’s words in powerful ways. MOVE Program Coordinator Kat Hope said the team knows it’s by no accident that Jamie’s story will be shared with thousands this summer – and beyond.


“From my perspective of knowing Jamie, God’s plan for him is to continue to encourage those who are going through what he has,” Kat said. “He came to America from Northern Ireland for a weekend to tell his story and it’s going to live past this event. He’s going to be with students over the summer and they’ll hear his story and be able to relate to it, know that it happens all over the world and that it’s not just them who feel this way. It’s so important, and we as a team were brought to tears because we were so blown away by what God did.”


To watch Jamie’s entire story, click here.


Jamie McKee lives in Dundrum, Northern Ireland.