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I am a Kingdom worker: Cade Lopez —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/18/2019

Cade Lopez’s amazing story of transformation and service to the Kingdom was celebrated in one of the featured videos at MOVE.

Cade said before the Lord changed his heart at MOVE, he had bullied a classmate at school. He would call the boy “Iguana,” knowing it upset him. He even encouraged a whole class to call him the name, at one point, knowing full well that it was irritating.


“I meant it as a joke but it really messed up his life and I got in trouble for it,” Cade said. “When I was at MOVE, God opened my eyes to see how wrong and immature that was. This guy at school is now one of my good friends. He forgave me – which is huge ¬– and he comes to my Bible study.”


This Bible study group is a product of one of the Kingdom Worker cards Cade obtained from MOVE over the years. He said each challenge on the cards has brought amazing experiences.


“They’ve all been crazy hard things, and my youth pastor has been a huge encouragement to me as I’ve completed them,” he said. “I’ve learned when you put in the work it’s going to be fun. I started the Bible study by making lists and reaching out to people personally. To complete the challenges, you set alarms and reminders to make sure you do them. You might not see it now, but later you will see what one little thing might lead to.”


A couple of Cade’s challenges were about prayer, one involved texting a grownup from church every day so they could pray for each other, and another set a daily goal of journaling thankfulness.


“Every night when I journaled, I’d put on the songs we heard at MOVE,” Cade said. “It made me feel like I was still at the conference, watching others change and how amazing it was. In those journals I detailed so many things God blesses me with that I don’t deserve. I also had to journal in another challenge about Isaiah 58. For a month I read the verse and wrote about it. It inspired me and I related so well to that verse in how I am meant to be a voice like a trumpet for God’s glory. We’re to do God’s work – not because of any reward, but because we love Him. But the greatest thing is my mission isn’t complete and neither is yours. God will tell us when our mission is over. He will take your life with a new worth.”


To watch Cade’s entire video, click here.


Cade Lopez is from Salina, Kansas.