Jr. High -

How to show humility and service … with dirty feet —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/25/2018

Sometimes a different angle can provide the perfect perspective.

Bree Ebli learned this lesson first-hand while leading her group of middle school girls at a week of MIX earlier this summer. While sitting on the dorm room floor at Chapman University, Ebli found herself surround by feet … really ##### feet. The conversation that was happening around her involved a discussion about Jesus and his many acts of service and humility. In that moment, surrounded by ##### feet, it was only natural for her to think about the time Jesus washed the Disciples’ feet. And out of that memory came the spark of an idea.



“I challenged them to wash each other’s feet,” Ebli said. “It was my first time leading a small group like that. We were all learning together … and the teaching about Jesus being perfect and humble made me think of Him washing the Disciples’ feet. They all seemed really excited about doing it. Before we started, we prayed that God would reveal to us His characteristics, and that we would learn what it means to serve and be humble. What really made me so happy and proud was that the girls all understood the background of it. Yes, they were giggly seventh grade girls, but they were also sisters in that moment. For junior high students, it’s sometimes hard to find a balance of wanting to be liked and allowing themselves to be liked. The enemy uses insecurities against us, but the feet washing was a huge thing and it connected the week beautifully for our girls.”


At the end of the MIX week, two of the 10 girls in this group made rededication commitments to Christ.