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How to serve the Kingdom … with keychains —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

Three best friends in Bland, Missouri found a key to success in Kingdom work – with keychains. High school students Tyler Miller, 17, Mason Butler, 16, and Denni Horstman, 17, attended CIY MOVE last summer in Johnson City, Tennessee with their youth group from Bland Christian Church. They said God spoke to them in so many moments during that week that they returned home ready to roll up their sleeves to support CIY’s expansion into Ireland.

Once the fundraising enterprise was established to do keychains in September 2017, “Key-ngdom Workers” was born.

"People say they look at their keychain and remember it’s time to pray for us and for Ireland. "

03_25_Keyngdom_Workers3.jpg“We’re not sure why keychains,” Horstman said with a laugh. “It seemed like a great idea and I love crafting. In high school, it’s hard to do but we make time for it and we make time for each other. I know it’s hard to find friends like these guys who put up with me and feel the same way I do about Kingdom work. Our main goal is to inspire others. Making these keychains has been a fun experience – and through prayer – we’ve been able to do something pretty cool.”

Surging past the modest goal of 100 keychains, the team has filled more than 300 orders at $10 each for their community with all the proceeds going to CIY’s mission in Ireland.

They expressed their gratitude for the support they’ve received, but it’s not easy balancing high school academics, athletics and activities with Kingdom work … so what drives this effort?


03_25_Keyngdom_Workers5.jpg“Ireland!” Horstman said without hesitation. “We heard what CIY was doing and it just seems so amazing. We felt like it was up to us to support it. I can’t keep my eyes off that country. It’s on my bucket list to see. Jasper’s [CIY’s European Director Jasper Rutherford] story and the way he described how the white on the flag means hope was something that put Ireland on all of our hearts. I was like, ‘We’re going with this.’”

The Holy Spirit led another decision this summer.

“During CIY MOVE, I felt God calling me – ‘Preach!’” Butler said.


And he did – both Butler and Miller delivered sermons at their church this past winter and Butler noted he feels led to the ministry. They said it all comes back to the passion of Kingdom work and continuing life’s journey with Christ – “Key-ngdom Workers” is another step down that path.

“Whenever we give the keychains, we ask for people to remember Ireland and pray for what’s happening there,” Butler said. “We’re pretty happy with how this has turned out. Once we broke that first goal, we wondered how far it’d go.”

The friends said they hope to continue “Key-ngdom Workers” through the rest of their high school careers. The Facebook page where supporters can place orders will remain active – just describe what you’re wanting on the keychain and they’ll accommodate any idea.

“It really means a lot to us when people trust us to make something unique and beautiful,” Horstman said. “There’s just something about crafting and knowing there’s something behind us. People say they look at their keychain and remember it’s time to pray for us and for Ireland.”