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How to continue great conversations with junior higher —

By Mike Branton

Created on 09/12/2019

There’s so much more to experience with the Believe program than what happens over the course of the weekend.

Youth leaders can continue conversations and dive deeper into the topics we’ve covered with their junior high students with the Believe curriculum. The curriculum is designed to fill four weeks and has a flexible outline to accommodate any sort of meeting – whether it be Sunday morning, Wednesday night or a small group time.


On top of great questions and conversation topics, the curriculum also includes the featured film that was shown at Believe – that way others who couldn’t make it are able to catch up and join in the discussion.


Considering the themes every year – we don’t pick small topics – there’s so much information to take in throughout the weekend and there’s not a lot of time for small groups to unpack it all. The curriculum allows those conversations to take place at home, and are great to have any time of the year.


Believe curriculum is available to pre-order, which enables youth leaders to plan ahead and prepare for amazing conversations and can be accessed through a secure download in the Æffect store. You can find this year’s curriculum on the theme “I AM,” as well as year’s past, including: “With,” “Switch,” “Connect,” “After,” “Open,” and more.


CIY2017-Color-25.jpgMike Branton is the programming director for Believe.

CIY launched Believe in 1997 specifically for junior high students as a weekend program during the school year. The program ministers to more than 15,000 junior higher students a year in 13 locations across the U.S. Learn more here.