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How to Celebrate and Extend Impact after the Summer Trip —

By CIY Staff

Created on 07/21/2021

We recently had a Youth Minister zoom call where we discussed what to do after your summer camp, trip, MIX, or MOVE to capitalize on the life-change and decisions made.

Here are some of the best ideas that were shared:

We have adults sign up as prayer partners for students, and then those same prayer partners can follow up with kids to talk and debrief.

We have our regular Sunday morning youth gatherings all summer, and have students share their experience and decisions with the group for several Sundays after the trip.

After the event, our church does a main service sermon series using the daily themes from MOVE, even using graphics and stuff from the event. This gets everyone on the same page, but also gives the whole church a chance to celebrate and support what God did at the event.

We have students write themselves a letter at the event, telling themselves what God was teaching them and leading them to do. Then they give the letters to us, and we mail them to the students six months later. It's a great way to remind them of what God did, and also we can time it to correspond to when we start promoting the coming summer's trip.

The Selah app has devotionals specifically for the decisions made at CIY MOVE and MIX. It's a great resource for a kid to continue to live in that decision, praying, thinking, and pursuing growth in that.

We do a big celebration service after the event where we share about what God did and other stories from the trip. It gets our whole church excited.

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