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How the word ‘boldness’ changed my artistic style —

By Allison Mankey

Created on 10/15/2019

I’ve always loved art and the way I can express my thoughts in intricate and beautiful ways, but I didn’t know that shifting my life’s focus to glorify God would shift my art, as well.

This “shift” of refocusing my life began at CIY MOVE about two years ago. Our group was given colored stickers and prompted to write a word that would help us overcome the fear of whatever it was holding us back from fully living our lives for Jesus.


God laid the word “boldness” on my heart.


After writing our words on the stickers, we stuck them to these pieces of glass that were then taken backstage. I had no idea what would be done with them. Later in the session when we were worshiping, a beautiful butterfly appeared over the stage. When the light shone through it, everyone could see their colored stickers.


This overwhelming sight of God’s goodness and beauty brought me to tears.


At the end of the MOVE week, we were prompted to stand if we felt called to vocational ministry. There was no hesitation – I was on my feet with a giant crowd. It was so surreal because I had never considered vocational ministry for my future. I had this overwhelming feeling that this was what God wanted me to do, and I knew God was going to give me the “boldness” to do it.


My art is now my ministry. I have found it’s so much more fulfilling to create things that bring glory to God rather than to myself. I have also found different ways to use my abilities to serve my community – from personalized encouragement cards for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at my school, to live painting during worship at my church.


God has used my gifts to amplify His call on the lives around me, and I’m never going back to a life I lived only for me.


My name is Allison Mankey and I’m a Kingdom Worker.


Allison Mankey is an 18-year-old high school student from Buffalo, Missouri.