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How leadership diversity helps your ministry —

By CIY Staff

Created on 08/18/2021

Welcome to our third installment of our series called "Rules of Youth Ministry"! We asked a bunch of youth ministers what their most important rules are, both during covid and beyond. Think of it as lessons learned in a pandemic, but applicable always. And it'll only take about five minutes of your time.

In this video, Absolute Champion Pastor Katie helps us understand why pursuing diversity in our leadership and communicators is so important in youth ministry. Watch the video!



Here's just a few of the gold nuggets Katie dropped in the video:

Gen Z is the most diverse generation we've ever seen.

Diversity matters. It's one of their values. If the church isn't diversifying our leadership and communicators, we're going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Using technology... we have access to even more diversity to speak and communicate and share.

When I grew up, I didn't see anyone who looked like me in ministry or leading the church. ... So I grew up thinking that I couldn't do this. ... That I couldn't be a leader in the church, because I never saw it.

If you have a student who is growing up with a single mom, but all your leaders grew up in two parent households, then how is this student going to feel like someone understands their experience?

There's something really exciting about college students leading in youth ministry. But there's also such a blessing of having a grandma in your ministry who just can nurture and love and pray for and share her own life experiences.

Who can I get that would understand what that student is going through?

The why is so that students and connect with and identify with leaders in our ministry. That's a great place to start.