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How CIY is enhancing my higher education —

By Tabitha Olender

Created on 10/21/2019

This summer I served CIY as an Event Staff member for MOVE. It was an experience like nothing I could have had in a classroom.

I plan to graduate this May from Johnson University in Florida with a degree in nonprofit administration. I was a member of the school’s recruitment team two years ago when I heard about the internship opportunities with CIY, and I remember saying, “I definitely have to do this” because I attended MOVE as a high schooler and knew it was an amazing nonprofit.


My summer has been full of amazing learning experiences with real-life scenarios, a lot of hard work and so much fun. I’ve learned about the Church, Jesus and business and how they all tie in together. My Kingdom work has looked like setting up seating charts, packing bags for youth leaders and setting them up to win with their students. Going into this, I never thought I’d be able to run an app, create an Excel sheet and apply that information to relay tasks to people. I’ve learned it takes a huge team of people to make a conference tour run and set the Church up to do amazing things with thousands of students every year.


Not only will I graduate this May, I will also get married. My fiancé, Joey Tuccillo, is interning with a ministry in St. Petersburg, Florida, and attended a CIY conference as a youth leader earlier this summer.


We’re very open to what God wants us to do in our next chapter together. We’re not sure where He’ll take us but we’re ready, and I know CIY won’t stop for me after this summer … or the rest of my life!


Tabitha Olender, of McDonough, Georgia, is an Event Staff member for CIY MOVE.