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How authenticity enables students to truly know God —

By CIY Staff

Created on 08/31/2021

It's time for "Rules of Youth Ministry" Episode 4! We asked a bunch of youth ministers what their most important rules are, both during covid and beyond. Think of it as lessons learned in a pandemic, but applicable always. Got 3 minutes? Yeah you do. let's go!

In this video, Wise Sage Katelyn challenges us to both be authentic as leaders, and to help students find authenticity in their own lives. You'll definitely want to watch the video for more:


Here are some choice quotes from Katelyn:

"It's so easy to be a different person in every context. Different person on their team, at home, at school. Whoever you want to be online, to just have this highlight reel about what their lives look like."

"We ask Leaders to go first in that [authenticity]. Whoever is on the stage has to go first in that, in being authentic. And then we ask students to be that for each other."

"If students are serving, if they're leading, we want them to live authentically. To be the same person at school as they are behind the guitar on the stage. It's ok to call students up to that."

"To be able to be honest about where they're at, then they can be honest about the grace that God has given them. They can't know God authentically unless they know and can affirm that 'this is where I actually am.'"

"It might take a coffee, a hangout... an extra reach-out. Some smaller opportunity. ...At some point to get down to the real stuff, who they really are, it might take extra effort. ...Not expecting kids to have major breakthroughs in front of all the other students."

"You're going to go to college and there's going to be a million people waiting in line to tell you who you are."