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God changed my life path in a single moment —

By Nicholas Meriwether

Created on 10/21/2019

I tried to plan out my whole life, but God had another idea.

I was going to be an astrophysicist – become hecka-smart in science and get a good-paying job. As a high schooler I began to stress myself out over things that would help me achieve that goal. I made sure I had all the right classes and got every A. I was anxious whenever I didn’t meet my own expectations and my life was defined by what I could achieve – not by what Jesus had already achieved for me.


I went to MOVE for the first time my freshman year with my youth group from church. After a week of everything we experienced there, the speaker on the stage made the call for anyone to come forward to show a commitment to vocational ministry. It was something I had never considered before that moment.


I prayed about it and knew with everything in my being it was time to give up what I had planned for myself and jump into the story God was writing on my life. I have been pursuing ministry and a life of Kingdom work ever since.


I became a student ministry apprentice at my home church and got to serve middle school kids for three years. Instead of an acclaimed science program after high school, I found myself going to Ozark Christian College to train for ministry. My mindset had flipped from “What can I do for myself?” to “How can God use me to further grow His Kingdom?”


I wish I could say it’s been easy.


I’ve had to learn how to be humble in moments when I thought I was a pretty big deal at my church, and I have family members who don’t want anything to do with the church. I love going to Ozark, but it is far away from my home in Indiana and my mom didn’t necessarily want me eight hours away straight out of high school.


But all of the struggles I face cannot compare to the amazing things God has done for me. I’ve had opportunities to share God’s love on some incredible mission trips – one of which was with CIY Engage. I was able to see how God is moving in Northern Ireland and the first MOVE conference in this country was deeply on my heart. I’m excited to see how Irish teens – full of the Holy Spirit – go out and change their communities for the Kingdom. 


It has been incredible to see what God is doing through His Church, and it is a privilege to just be one of the workers in the harvest field.


Nicholas Meriwether is a native of Sellersburg, Indiana, and is attending Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri to study theology and Biblical communication.