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4 benefits of a unique Bible study —

By Cody Dougless

Created on 10/21/2019

Without question one of the most important things we can do as Jesus followers is to have a consistent time with God. For me, that includes Bible reading and prayer time.

I don’t think there’s one right or wrong way to do a Bible study. I think different seasons of life offer varying time frames and interest, but this year I decided to do something different.


In January, I decided for 2019 I would spend three months in one book of the Bible. The reason for this was to force myself to have more quality time in Scripture, but here’s the benefits I’ve found in this unique study technique.


1. I really enjoy the repetition of reading the same book of the Bible. It allows me to read from start-to-finish at least three times.

2. I get to read at least one additional study tool on the book.

3. I look at different translations.

4. I listen to one full sermon series about that book of the Bible.


At this point I have studied Matthew and Ephesians, and I already have a better retention of the content. This gives me better recall and Scripture-based quality to my youth ministry. 


There are 66 books in the Bible. At this pace it will take 16.5 years to read through the entire Bible … That’s a long time. But here’s why it’s worth it.


This current season of my life feels rushed, but studying the Bible is one part of life that shouldn’t be. I encourage all Jesus followers to slow down, breathe deep, read slowly and give the Word of God time to fill your heart. 


Cody Dougless is the student minister for First Christian Church in Carthage, Missouri.