Jr. High -

Emotions rise during worship sets at MIX events —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

As hundreds of harmonized voices of young people lift their praises at CIY events, it’s not uncommon to see worship leaders lower their microphones from their lips and just smile. Emily Krohn is one of those leaders, and some of her favorite moments on tour are those in which the Holy Spirit overwhelms a crowd during worship.

"I have to worship, too. If I’m not doing that then I’m just singing. "

“You can see someone transform in a song from the stage,” she said. “I like to find one student in the crowd giving it their all and focus on that and what that symbolizes. I don’t have to know them, just seeing them in that moment is so encouraging. It switches my focus – it’s no longer about me – it’s allowing that one student to channel all that they need to channel to God.”


Krohn said the moments of worship are made even more sweet when taken in conjunction with the other elements of a week of MIX. The intentionally fun program elements, for instance, help students form bonds with their peers and adult leaders in ways that make them even more likely to open up during a worship set. Because of those fun moments, Krohn said it’s not unusual to see middle school students covered head-to-toe in team colors, or wearing glow-in-the-dark necklaces, or waving pool noodles during worship sessions.


“I love it,” Krohn said with a laugh. “I love that they care enough to put on all that stuff. And it’s fun from our perspective, because if we can get them engaged in a goofy game they tend to get more engaged later in the message and worship. I love it – it’s so fun.”


When MIX is over this year, Krohn plans to return to Highlands College in Birmingham, Alabama where she will earn her certificate in worship leadership and a bachelor’s degree in design communications.


“It’s hard work but I don’t want it to end,” she said. “For students, I hope MIX isn’t just a week experience. That was me when I was in middle school. It was easy to come in at these types of events and be excited and hit a spiritual high, and then go out and not change anything and go through a spiritual low. So my hope is that their impact here is strong enough and compelling enough that they’re not only enjoying the week, but they’re also choosing Kingdom work – something after the week. I hope it just keeps going upwards … that would be awesome.”