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Eighth grader’s outreach to homeless starts with Believe experience —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

Imagine if you will a 14-year-old girl on an inner-city street corner handing a homeless man a bag full of food, a Bible and self-care items. 

That’s Mackenzie Swan – an eighth grader from Dodge City, Kansas, who said her life wasn’t the same after she attended Believe last year.


Swan said her relationship with God has changed the way she lives out her faith on a daily basis – including her involvement in a prayer group and making and delivering bags for homeless people in several cities with her father.

“I’m looking for the good in things and feeling stronger in what I do,” she said. “(Believe showed me how to) see people differently, and I have decided to put Christ in the moment. I try my best.”


04_10_Mackenzieshort.jpgPutting that compassion into action has inspired others, including her best friend, Morgan Mink, age 13. Swan and Mink share a similar, brilliant smile that radiates from a love for Christ.

“Being a follower makes me a happier person,” Mink said. “When I was baptized I was just really happy, but I thought it was going to just be a phase. But then, it didn’t go away, and I was like ‘Wow – this is Jesus!’”

Swan’s experience is just one of many life-changing stories from Believe’s “WITH” tour – which concludes April 20-21 in Holland, Michigan. To find out more about Believe – CIY’s weekend conference for Jr. high students – follow @ciybelieve on Facebook and Instagram, or visit ciy.com/believe.