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Don’t forget you’re a lion —

By KJ-52

Created on 09/10/2019

The following is an excerpt from KJ-52’s podcast “Where’s your focus?” Listen to the entire podcast here.

I’ve read a lot of Scripture that uses metaphors with lions. This lion imagery got me thinking about this time when I was a kid and I went to a circus.


I wasn’t necessarily as focused or fascinated on the lions as I was the lion tamer because someone smaller, less dangerous and less powerful could walk into this den and completely command the lions. They’d go in with a whip and a chair. I thought the whip was what the lion feared and I thought the chair was just for show. I thought, “that’s a weird shield, man.”


When I got older I read about the technique of lion taming and it blew my mind – it’s the chair that keeps the lion in check.


The chair has four legs that come out and curve in a different way. A 10-pound chair can keep a 500-pound ferocious lion in check because a lion focuses on the way they attack. It has a singular focus – one goal. When a lion is presented with a chair it can’t figure out which thing to focus on. The chair confuses it and leaves it mesmerized. The lion shuts down and the distraction leaves the lion unable to be what it could be.


If I’m righteous then I need to be bold like a lion, but I can be distracted if I take my focus off the one thing I need to be focusing on. Rather than charging forward, Christians can get distracted and rendered useless. In that moment we forget that we’re lions.


How many of us are completely missing the point because we’re letting too many other things direct our attention? It’s sad we’re not going after our goals and forgetting who we are in Christ. There are a lot of Bible verses that speak to the power of the believer.


You’re supposed to be a lion. Don’t let others tell you what you’re not. You should have a vision for your life … You are called to be a lion. You are called to have a singular focus. You are called to go after it passionately. Don’t let anything distract you.


KJ-52 is a Christian rapper who has joined this year’s Believe tour. Learn more about him here, and check out the Q&A in the next issue of CIY’s Kingdom Worker Connection magazine.