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CIY MOVE Baptisms! #SLNO —

By CIY Staff

Created on 06/24/2021

Recently CIY had a MOVE event in the Phoenix Arizona area, and something very cool happened: We actually got to have baptisms during the week! Typically we aren’t able to do that because churches want parents to be able to be around for something so significant, and because typically isn't a baptistry in the big room. 

But this week was different. MOVE was actually at a church in Phoenix with local youth groups. Because of this, they were able to talk to parents within 24 hours and had ...drumroll... 23 kids get baptized during a main session! With several more getting baptized the weekend following MOVE. It was a great time to celebrate!

CIY looked different for us this year, but that in no way changed how God showed up and did his thing. We celebrated life change, and 23 students got baptized as a response to this incredible week at MOVE. Sometimes our expectations get shattered, but usually that’s just God showing us that He has other plans far greater than our own. 23 students said "yes" to Jesus, and no matter what our expectations were for that week, and no matter what journey these students were on, God showed me and all of us that he is for all, forever.

Rachel Dotzler, Student Pastor

Check out the pictures below of these students giving their lives to Jesus in this Summer Like No Other: