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Church Camp is cancelled… or is it? —

By Mike Branton, Student Ministries Pastor

Created on 08/12/2021

With 17 vehicles (7 busses, 7 vans, and 3 cars) two and a half hours on the road out of a 6-hour trip carrying 400 plus people I received a call from our camp that it was canceled.

After a short conversation with the camp and every request met with a "no", Cindy (my wife), only hearing one side of the conversation was already working on other solutions. As I hung up with the camp she said, "what about CIY MOVE?" My next call was to Caleb DeRoin. He was meeting me in 30 minutes to hang out with our group and come to night one of our camp to check it out. Instead, he turned back around to Biola and began a series of phone calls that would change our plans: from turning back around to Arizona, destroying so many plans and moments for students and families, to the amazing life change that would happen this next week.

In the next 45 minutes, I truly believe a miracle happened. We stopped for an early lunch to buy us some time. Then CIY said yes and Biola said yes. Once we got the yes from them, our team back home crafted a video and sent out communication to parents and convinced the bus company to change routes. As students loaded back onto the vehicles, we told all of the leaders and students the news.

When we arrived at Biola, CIY Staff had somehow figured out housing, created leader bags, and provided a room for us to gather and give instructions all before getting us to dinner on time.

Was it perfect? No. Was it like a normal check-in as if we had planned for months and it was our first time to Biola? Yes.

All of that to say: There were countless other details that God provided for. Our people adjusted, and CIY served the church as always. God moved, and eternities are forever changed.

As I sit in my room at the end of night 5 at MOVE, I can't shake the overwhelming thankfulness to a God of miracles. Our group had 37 first time decisions, 120 recommitments to follow Jesus, 284 Kingdom Worker challenge takers, and 8 who were called to ministry this week.

Praise to Him who specializes in the impossible.