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Big Foot in socks and crocs … and other mystical MIX creatures —

By Mallory Jenkins

Created on 10/17/2019

Techno Turtles, Space Pandas, Beatbox Badgers, Unicorns … They all have competed amongst the best in years past at MIX – CIY’s summer conference for middle schoolers.

Having colored teams has always been a big part of the MIX program. It’s a great way for us to have fun, healthy competition, but the colors evolved into mascots and now it’s a part of the culture. The mascots have taken on their own DNA in our program, and it’s been amazing to see youth leaders and their students show up all decked out in crazy team spirit.


CIY Graphic Designer Mark Rankin killed it in designing some amazing mascots, and we love cheering them on this summer as they represent our students’ teams.


The 2019 mascots are mythical monsters:


Big Foot
Nessie the Loch Ness monster
The Kraken


As different as they are, these monsters all have something that makes them touristy to help them blend in. The Snipe is wearing binoculars … he’s a bird and he’s birdwatching! Nessie is wearing a Hawaiian shirt – a true picture of a tourist dad. Big Foot has socks and crocs. And the Kraken has goggles and a snorkel … even though he doesn’t need those things … because he lives in the sea.


This is ridiculous.


I could never pick a favorite – but Big Foot in those socks and crocs hits close to home because it reminds me of my dad.


Mallory.jpgMallory Jenkins is a MIX program coordinator for Christ In Youth. Her email is Mallory.jenkins@ciy.com.