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Believe tour reflects an identity that unites Kingdom workers —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/10/2019

Mirrors will take center stage during the upcoming Believe tour, which will explore the theme of “I AM” by helping junior high students understand their identity in Christ.

CIY’s Believe Director Mike Branton said this year’s tour will use mirrors in numerous ways – including a CIY-produced short film about a student named Mia that prominently features a mirror – to help students across the U.S. answer the question, “Who am I?”


“In the film, we’re watching her go through this process of trying to figure out who she is based on what she does – and it’s all from the mirror’s perspective,” Branton said. “We’re watching her look at the mirror and ask herself: ‘Who am I?’ The mirror sees her try to fit into a number of different personas – a magician, karate, a scientist, riding dirt bikes, playing the violin, a ballerina, etc. This film is one more way to connect the dots for students when it comes to understanding their identity in Christ.”


Branton said ultimately the conversation about identity in Christ will lead junior high students understanding their roles in God’s Kingdom and how that makes them Kingdom workers. Branton said this might contrast to what the world perceives about individuality, but that there is a strong foundation in the purpose and mission of glorifying God.


“We’re looking at the facts,” Branton said. “We’re looking at the truths that God says about us. Those ‘I am’ statements are what God gives us. It’s not something we’re making up to make them feel good – it’s Biblical facts that are true about us. When a student looks at him or herself in the mirror, they’re reminded of God’s truth instead of the flaws or misconceptions that they might hear or see from others … or even themselves.”


Registration for this year’s Believe tour is open. Find dates and locations for the 2018/2019 tour here.