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Australia hiker twin joins CIY Æffect team —

By CIY Staff

Created on 02/16/2018


    Brian Sitton is the director of digital programing for Christ In Youth. He creates experiences that draw small groups together in the form of mobile games and apps as a member of the CIY Æffect team.



How long have you been with CIY?
Since October 2017. 


Describe your journey. How were you introduced to CIY and how did you come to work for the organization?

I have known about CIY for years. My wife went to CIY in high school in the early 90s. I got to make some games for Kingdom Worker Week last year, and I also made some video games for this year’s SuperStart tour. I loved the mission and the team, and was super excited for the opportunity to come create full-time.


Do you have any family in the ministry?
I have a twin brother in Atlanta – he makes videos and motion graphics for all kinds of large organizations. For the last 15 years we have had a fun side project where we make crowd games for large events. Conferences, churches, music festivals and cruise lines have all played our games. 


How has CIY helped you grow in your relationship with God?
I think the Wednesday devos are great. Every week at the organization, a member of CIY gives a testimony and I really look forward to them. 


What’s something nobody knows about you?
In high school, I spent two weeks hiking and canoeing around the Hawkesbury River just north of Sydney, Australia.


What’s your favorite show (And/Or) what kind of movies do you like?
My favorite shows are: Seinfeld, Sherlock, Phineas and Ferb, and Japanese gameshows. As for movies, I love all the Marvels, the Matrix, Inception, Arrival, Oceans 11, and the Incredibles. 


What’s your favorite scripture and why?
One that is special to me is John 20:29. It’s when Thomas is seeing the resurrected Jesus with his own eyes. And Thomas confesses, “My Lord and my God.”
One night when I was a teenager the next line just jumped off the page.
“Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”
It was as if Jesus was looking at me and saying: “Brian! You are blessed. You have not seen me like Thomas, yet you believe in me.”
It was as if Jesus was confirming my faith – it was a cool moment.


What do you love about your ministry with CIY?
I love working with creative people to make innovative stuff. The challenge of creating fun – and almost magical – experiences has always intrigued me. The fact that I get to do that all the time here at CIY is a real blessing. 


Where will you be this year that people could connect with you?
I have no travel plans yet, but I do hope to make it to a couple events this summer.