High School -

A way to respond to: ‘My parents aren’t Christians.’ —

By Becca Haines

Created on 02/27/2020

Sometimes a youth leader serves as one of the few Christ-like influences in a young person’s life.

A prayerful response can be the best way a youth leader can prepare for that moment when a student addresses the harsh truth that they feel alone in their walk with Christ when at home. 


Here is a prayer for that moment …


Father God,

Thank you for this courageous Jesus follower. Let this person know their influence is a powerful one – protected and guided by the Holy Spirit – a living testament to you on a daily basis. We feel your presence now and lean into your light with the desire to reflect it to those who doubt it. Guide our words and actions to intentionally show your love.
You are with us … especially when we feel alone.


The things you are doing in our lives and hearts are incredible, and the enemy will use whatever he can to stop it. When we see other families walking together in faith, do not let our hearts grow heavy or jaded. Remind us to take refuge in the Savior when the evil one attacks – it can even happen in church.
We continue to seek you … especially when we feel defeated.


Jesus meets us in our troubles, and He is with us in our heartache right now. When our patience wears thin, when our worry overwhelms and when it feels like we’re failing – we give it all to you, Lord. You welcome our honesty and we bring our weary spirits to you because we know you have a plan for us.
We praise your name … especially when we’re hurting.


We can’t save anyone. Only your Son Jesus Christ can, and He will. We hold onto His promises for us and our families. Hear us as we lift our prayers, sing your praises and let you as our Heavenly Father rekindle our hearts. We trust the Savior to win our loved ones’ hearts just as He won ours.
We won’t be disheartened today because you are working … in us and especially through us.


In Jesus’ precious name we pray,