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A mom’s response to son’s rededication —

By Shira Willis

Created on 10/21/2019

There are so many things I could say about my son, Tyler, but I never knew how much God would use him to impact my faith and my life.

One of the things we have in common is we were both baptized at a young age. So when he called me from the CIY MOVE conference this summer to ask if he could get baptized when he came home, I said: “OK … again?”

It was heavy on my heart to be re-baptized myself, but Tyler just experienced the complete love and compassion of our Lord. He was lifted high at the conference, but has also seen so many things in his life that have convinced him that God is real. He has seen God do tremendous things in my life and how much love He has for us. Watching him grow in Christ has been an experience I am so thankful to be a part of. He is a better person than I am, and I’ve always known he was a child of God.

I wish I had been so confident in my walk with Christ in my earlier years, but I honestly didn’t fully understand baptism when I did it and I’ve struggled. I would go in waves – times when I felt faithful but then always slipping back into ways that weren’t good. I’ve struggled with being manipulative and hateful toward others.


I had a conversation with my pastor about getting re-baptized. I wondered if it was wrong or even silly, but he always expressed a welcome invitation. Life got busy and the idea slipped my mind. Between work and being a mom, I didn’t think about it again until that moment when I was waiting for Tyler to dry off from his baptism.

I didn’t plan anything – I was waiting for Tyler, talking to my dad, and the pastor came by and I heard myself say, “Let’s do it.”

God knew it needed to happen – He knew it was going to happen.

I walked out of the church in wet clothes, and I was totally OK with it. God is absolutely amazing and I’m a witness to His greatness, His grace and His love. We’re going to face life together, and I know there will be battles, but there will also be rejoices. I’m so grateful to our church and the amazing influences God has placed for our family.


08_03_mom_son.jpgThe Willis family lives in Carthage, Missouri and attends First Christian Church.