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A high school Kingdom worker’s response to hungry classmates —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/15/2019

When high school student Katryna Zimmerly saw kids in the cafeteria eating condiments for lunch one day, she knew immediately she needed to do something to make a change.

Earlier that year she’d attended a CIY MOVE conference, where she was challenged to answer Christ’s call on her life to be a Kingdom worker. In fact, it was at a MOVE conference two years earlier that she gave her life to Christ and was baptized. And she said it was because of her newfound faith that her eyes were opened to a heartache happening in her community at White River Valley High School in Switz City, Indiana.


“In the cafeteria at lunchtime I saw kids asking for food and eating the condiments,” Zimmerly said. “We live in a small town and everyone knows each other, so it really hurt to see my friends not have what I take for granted: a warm home and plenty of food.”


Zimmerly came up with a plan that she called “Food For Friends.” She first presented the idea to her parents, and then to her principal, who approached the superintendent for approval. Food For Friends began in January 2019 as a way to help all students who’s economic situation allow them to qualify for a free/reduced lunch program. Through Zimmerly’s efforts, Food For Friends brings together donors from the community who help make some lunch items available at lower prices, and provide extra food products to hungry students.


“It was so cool to see this happen,” Zimmerly said. “I can’t even put into words what it feels like to be supported and have so many people want to share the love of Jesus. I think it’s so important – especially in today’s society – that we put our faith first and try to be the light.”


Zimmerly said the Kingdom Worker Challenge Card she received at MOVE in 2018 seemed to be an affirmation from above.


“It was to pray for my school,” she said with a huge smile. “… I am.”


Zimmerly’s efforts have impacted those around her – especially her youth leader, Tyler Hodson with Linton First Christian Church.


“I was so proud of Katryna for taking a step in a direction to impact her classmates through the means of feeding those who lack the funds to do so,” Hodson said. “The school has latched onto her idea and is now making it available to all the high school students who need to take advantage of having food in their bellies.”