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5 weapons to fight anxiety and depression —

By Becca Haines

Created on 11/20/2019

At the young age of 17, Morgan Simpson knows all too well the challenges of anxiety and depression.

On the outside, she’s a fun-spirited girl who never turns down a new friendship or adventure. But since the age of 12, Morgan has struggled with self-worth and even suicidal thoughts in her lowest moments. She said seeing and realizing the loving power of Jesus while she was in high school helped to set her soul free. Since that time she has discovered five weapons the Holy Spirit provides her to help fight that anxiety and depression.


11_20_morgan2.jpg1. Nourishment
Morgan has a huge heart and loves loving people. She says “Yes” probably too much and unintentionally wears herself out honoring the commitments she’s made. When faced with exhaustion, she finds peace in passionate worship and is nourished by encouraging friendships in her church.


11_20_morgan6.jpg2. Organization
After Morgan experienced the Holy Spirit fill her soul, she was beyond energized and eager to serve. She took on leadership roles in her church’s student ministry as well as other responsibilities, such as social media and promotions. She’s learned how to organize her tasks and thoughts in healthy ways, and how to delegate when the load is too heavy.


11_20_morgan4.jpg3. Reassurance
For those who live with anxiety and depression, Morgan said doubt can sneak in when you least expect it. The best weapon in this battle is community with other Christ followers. She said her church has always shown her support in times when she’s doubted herself, and she’s leaned into the truth that God equips His workers.


11_20_morgan3.jpg4. Inspiration
Morgan was excited to travel to Haiti and Rwanda for life-changing mission work, but she didn’t expect God to break her heart on those trips for His people. She said the heartache she experienced fueled her passion for missions – which helps her overcome her anxiety of traveling and fear of sickness.


11_20_morgan5.jpg5. Purpose
Morgan said Jesus has opened her eyes to the events and struggles in her life in a new way. She’s in the middle of her junior year in high school, and already sees the Holy Spirit leading her toward positive mental health and growing relationships. Her experiences have equipped her with words for speaking on stage at church, intimate conversations, and ministering to peers at school who normally wouldn’t ask about Jesus.


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