Jr. High -

5 things you must do at Believe —

By Mike Branton

Created on 09/10/2019

Believe is CIY’s weekend event for junior high students that combines a whirlwind of fun and Biblical learning. 

It’s created intentionally for junior highers, but it’s also created to help youth leaders have great moments with their students. To maximize on all of the good things that can come from a Believe experience, make sure you do these five things:


1. Eat Together. Don’t go off to a restaurant by yourself or have “kids tables” at Believe. It builds community when you share a meal together. Different conversations happen and it’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.


2. Get Down Front. At some point in the weekend – at least once – get down toward the front of the stage during worship. It’s not a mosh pit, but it’s definitely a different experience than from your seat.


3. Pray Over Chairs. One way to remember to pray for your students – because the weekend goes by so quick – is pick one of the break times and pray over each chair in which your students will sit. There’s so much information coming at them at once, and you never know what piece of the program is going to personally connect with them.


4. Sleep. Try to get some sleep – even if your students don’t. It’s important to maintain your health and alertness for the weekend. Your energy – whether it’s high or low – is contagious to your group.


5. Network. There’s a lot of other youth groups there – don’t be afraid to say “Hi” to other youth pastors. Chances are, the groups at Believe are from your area and there’s a possibility you could partner on projects back home – plus your students could build new friendships.


Mike_Branton.jpgMike Branton is the programming director for Believe.