Jr. High -

5 take-aways from a new CIY super-fan —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

Typically students attend one CIY event a year … Reagan Wilson has experienced three.

The 13-year-old from Conway, South Carolina has had the unique opportunity to see the SuperStart, MIX and MOVE programs in the past year, and she said she can’t wait for the next event she gets to attend.


To say she loves CIY events is an understatement.


There was a laugh in her voice as she shared with CIY how she’s become a bit of a super-fan. When we asked her what she loves about CIY events so much, here’s five things she quickly listed off:


1. They’re age-intentional.
“I have six siblings and I’m the second oldest. After I learned about CIY and visited a day of MOVE last year, I wanted to go to SuperStart to be there for my younger sister as a volunteer.  It’s been so awesome to see how different the events are to reach the different age groups. I could tell my sister and her friends enjoyed SuperStart because it was for their age. The weekend had skits and really funny games on stage. The kids were so into it. I noticed how everyone was engaged in everything and what the speakers were saying. They were cheering in fun times and then listening in more serious times.”


2. They’re fun!
“MIX is for my age group and it was amazing. It was a whole different experience from SuperStart or MOVE. Besides just a ton of fun, my big take-away I got from MIX was that popularity may take you places but pursuing Christ and His causes will take you much further – further than you can imagine.”


3. You grow as a person.
“I jumped a grade in school, so as an incoming high school sophomore I was able to go to MOVE this year. There aren’t a lot of large churches where I’m from, so seeing so many people gathered together for the cause of Christ was a huge thing for me. I had never seen anything like it. I loved the Kingdom worker videos of kids sharing their stories and how they use their talents for Christ. That was so cool to me. After watching those, I wanted to be a Kingdom worker, too. Everything was amazing at all three events, but MOVE was my favorite. It was more mature and there’s an understanding that you’re there to learn and grow. There was a sermon that used the image of passing a baton in a race, and how we need to be passing on our knowledge and love into the next generation so that the race will continue. That really made an impression on me. We have to put on a good example and live for Christ for not just us, but for the younger ones, too.”


4. You get to dream.
“I went to the Engage (CIY’s international mission trips) elective at MOVE and it sounds absolutely amazing. I definitely want to do this in the future. I want to visit another culture and see how God is working there – to experience and see that kind of devotion and then bring it home.”


5. You’re challenged to do Kingdom work.
“I was already serving Ekklesia Church but when I got back from MOVE, but I wanted to do more. I help with the children’s ministry and perform on the worship team. I get to help as an aid to my youth group classroom time, and I’m so excited I get to help design our church’s new student center. I love talking about this and am so happy I get to be a Kingdom worker.”