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5 practical actions for a Kingdom worker in school —

By Caleb DeRoin

Created on 10/21/2019

When school starts every fall, we still feel those summer vibes, and while getting used to new teachers and waking up at a decent hour is tough, sometimes it’s even more-so to carry on your momentum into the school year.

When regular life gets in the way, it can be hard to stay on course – to keep that momentum. The mountaintop excitement from this summer is real and it can be really easy to ride that feeling throughout the summer because all of the distractions of clubs, work or sports are gone. But what if I told you that didn’t have stop during the school year? What if you could take all of the momentum and the commitments you made this summer and actually keep it all going? What if school or normal routines didn’t get in the way of being a Kingdom worker?


Here are five practical things that you can do this school year to keep Jesus the focus of your life and your commitment to Kingdom work.


1. Pray In The Minutes. In the five minutes between classes, pray for your classmates, teachers and school district. Do this every day. Do it while you’re walking, at your locker, or talking to friends. This is something that can be done over and over and doesn’t take that much preparation. Know that – even if you think this is insignificant – this will impact the Kingdom in incredible ways! Be a person who intercedes for others!


2. Dive Into The Word. When you arrive on campus and have some time before classes start, read through the New Testament. Get as far as time permits. Maybe start showing up to school a little bit earlier. What if by the end of the semester you have read the entire New Testament?!
Don’t we all just wish we read the Bible more than what we do? WELL, DO IT. Even if you have to have friends help you out, commit to reading the entire New Testament this semester. God’s Word is living and active, and this is how you can make it more of a priority this school year.


3. Find Your One. Who is one person you want to invite to church this semester? Your mission as a Kingdom worker is by Christmas Break to have invited one person to come to youth group. Start praying that the Lord will put someone on your heart today. Who could it be? This person could be a friend, or a complete stranger. If you truly ask God to reveal someone to you, you may be surprised on whom He leads you to!


4. Volunteer Some Time. At least three times this semester, volunteer in a local ministry or nonprofit. Once in October, once in November and once in December. Each time try to invite some friends to join you! As Kingdom workers, we joyfully serve because our cups are overflowing. Let’s try to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities. Love those who need it the most and keep your eyes and ears open for other ways to show the love of Jesus.


5. Pick A Partner. Start memorizing Scripture with someone from your youth group, a friend or someone the Lord has put on your heart. Each week challenge each other to memorize another verse. Accountability is key. Memorizing Scripture and storing it in our hearts is an incredible opportunity that we have. Stay solid to one another and keep it up. The more we focus on the Word of God, the more we can look like His Son.


These are simple things that each of us can do – the small things truly are Kingdom work. Remember, it never has to be a monumental task. Kingdom work can simply be defined by our faith and being faithful to God. Even the biggest of accomplishments have a beginning, and oftentimes those beginnings are tiny steps. Focus on the tiny steps and let the Spirit guide you to the bigger things. Be faithful in the small things and I promise it will be worth it.


We at CIY are praying for you, for your school year, and for God to move in incredible ways. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being Kingdom workers. You are so loved and valued! HAVE A GREAT YEAR!


Caleb DeRoin is a MOVE program coordinator for Christ In Youth.