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4 tips to make your MIX experience the best —

By Taylor Brown

Created on 10/16/2019

In an effort to give middle schoolers and their youth leaders the best experience possible at MIX this summer, we’ve come up with four tips to help groups champion their four-day event.

1. Check out the MIX website. There are all kinds of promotional materials on there to introduce the program to your church and students, including: videos, downloadable items for print and resources for social media or church meetings.


2. Have a small groups plan. Before you arrive, have a game plan for the structure of your small groups. We’ve heard some of the greatest experiences at MIX happen with a ratio of one-adult-to-eight students. Not having a plan can result in a distraction or unnecessary stress for your group when the program gets rolling.


3. Familiarize yourself with the area. On day four, we skip lunch at a lot of our locations for an extended rec day for youth leaders to go eat, play and have fun with their students. On the MIX website, we encourage you to not only check out the camp/campus location, but the surrounding area and all it has to offer. Come up with a plan and work that into the budget.


4. Read emails from CIY. The emails from the MIX team that appear in your inbox leading up to your week are not a formality. We really do have important information for you to know and take into consideration when planning your specific week with us.


We’re excited about what God is doing in the lives of middle schoolers. Get ready to celebrate all of God’s glory in powerful praise. Get ready for roaring laughter and tons of fun as you strengthen relationships with students to continue your youth ministry back home.


See you at MIX!


Taylor_Brown.jpgTaylor Brown is the director of CIY’s MIX program. This year’s MIX tour will stop in 21 locations across the country this summer for four days of fun, learning and programming specifically designed to connect middle schoolers to the Lord and strengthen relationships with their youth leaders. Find dates and locations of this summer’s MIX tour here. Email Brown at taylor.brown@ciy.com.