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2019 MIX Spotify playlist gives middle schoolers an extra boost —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/17/2019

The 2019 MIX Spotify playlist enables students to not only prepare their hearts for CIY’s summer conference for middle schoolers, but also take that experience with them long after the event is over

Carryn Osborn, a CIY customer development coordinator and former MIX worship team member, said it’s basically the soundtrack to what God wants to say to students in precisely the right moments.


“A lot of young people respond to music and are able to worship through that,” she said. “The lyrics have deep and meaningful truths, and MIX is designed in such a way that gives students multiple times to respond to those truths they’re learning from the sermons. It’s one of the most genuine things to watch from the stage. They have such joy – and sometimes conviction – that it’s contagious to the worship leaders on the stage. In a way, the students lead us, too.”


Middle schooler Morgan VandeLinde, of O’Fallon, Illinois, said she can’t wait for MIX this summer. She said a huge part of her excitement is building off of the MIX playlist. Coming from a 12-year-old who says her life is practically lived out to a tune, VandeLinde said her connection to the Father is pivotal during worship times.


“I think music can say what words can’t,” she said. “I love the way it brings everyone together. The songs MIX played last year meant so much to me because they were words I wanted to say. The most awesome feeling was seeing everyone in the room with their arms up, praising God, singing along with me. It was a complete happiness.”


Find this year’s MIX playlists by clicking here, and the playlists for CIY’s high school summer conference, MOVE, here.