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15 ideas for Mother’s Day —

By Becca Haines

Created on 04/30/2020

Want to do something special for Mother’s Day this year?

While we all love flowers, chocolate and a cute Hallmark card – take it from us moms – the best ways to honor her come from the heart. Take these 15 ideas and think about what she loves to do, her favorite colors and don’t forget how much she loves her family.


1. Mom’s Playlist. Collaborate with the whole family to pinpoint Mom’s favorite songs and consider adding ones that make you think of her. This Spotify playlist will be a winning gift she can always enjoy.


2. Share the moment. Have each family member share their favorite memory of Mom. This can happen over breakfast, dinner or that moment before you start the movie.


3. Home-spa treatment. Depending on the ages of those in the house, it could be fun for the kids to run a spa for Mom at home. Relaxing music, foot massages, cucumbers for the eyes, fruit water for sipping and a manicure!


4. Make her favorite dessert. The hardest part is deciding whether to make it with her, or surprise her with it!


5. Hotel hack. Set Mom up at a local hotel where she can relax and enjoy a Door Dash gift card!


6. Game on! What’s Mom’s favorite game? Play together. Did you know her favorite sound in the world is your laugh?


7. Photo-tastic! If there’s a collection of pictures in physical albums, offer to look through them with Mom. Or perhaps you have a hundred thousand newer ones? Make a slideshow and surprise her with it – throw it up on the TV and grab her favorite snack!


8. Ridey-tidy. Surprise Mom with a squeaky-clean vehicle. Either steal it for a sec for a trip to the car wash or give it some TLC in the driveway. Vacuum the interior and don’t forget the windows!


9. Intentional peace and quiet. For those with rambunctious households, a great Mother’s Day present can be some peace and quiet time. Consider mapping out some time when the kids are out of the house so Mom can read, nap or enjoy her favorite hobby.


10. No chore day. For the whole day, Mom has no responsibilities. Like, none.


11. Use your words. A prayer, a letter, a poem or a song – write your Mom a gift with words. When it comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong.


12. Perfect project. Is there a home improvement project Mom has always wanted to do? This can be anything from re-painting a room to a refurbished flowerbed or garden.


13. Ham it up! The gift of a hammock comes with all kinds of wonderful pampering ideas. A tasty beverage, a good book, endless snacks – and TIME to enjoy it! Get the kids a new game or Lego set to ensure Mom gets some fresh air-hammock time.


14. Mom’s movie marathon. It’s Mom’s choice and everybody gets to enjoy whatever she chooses.


15. Invite the BFF. Incorporating any of the ideas above with the accompaniment of Mom’s best friend is a huge win.


However you choose to honor Mom this year, make sure to thank her, and remind her how her love reflects the love of Christ.


CIY wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!