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10 Things About … Jeff Walling —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/17/2019

CIY brings some of the most influential speakers from across the country to deliver Biblical truths to students. The “10 Things About” series offers a behind-the-scenes introduction into the lives of these talented youth ministry veterans.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Jeff Walling.


1. He’s the director of the youth leadership initiative at Pepperdine University in California.

2. He’s married to Cathryn, and they have three grown sons.

3. He’s dedicated 30 years to the CIY ministry and has inspired thousands of students with his renown speaking talent.

4. If you’re taking lunch orders, he’ll have the fried rice with everything – beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, elk – all of it.

5. He loves movies and went nuts over “The Greatest Showman.” It’s been the only movie he’s gone four times to the theater to see.

6. He has written three musicals with a friend. They all have Biblical themes and have been performed by schools and churches across the country.


7. He was raised in a home of Kingdom workers and heard God calling him to a life of preaching His Word at the age of 12. Jeff said he remembers the moment when his dad encouraged him to speak for five minutes in front of his youth group. He stood on a box behind the pulpit – so that he could be seen behind the pulpit – and delivered his first sermon on Noah. That was a big moment when he realized something that stayed with him for the rest of his career – the Church should always be inviting young people to use their talents and skills for God’s Kingdom.

8. He said to be a Kingdom worker is to always have an ulterior motive. “That makes it sound hidden, but it means to always hold in your heart the motive of how today, this moment, this task makes the reign of Jesus a little more present, broader and surrendering to the Spirit,” he said.


9. Jeff loves how the prophet Elijah was so human. In one moment, he’s calling down fire to defeat the prophets of Baal, and the next he’s having a pity party because the queen says she doesn’t like him. Jeff said Elijah’s real and transparent demeanor makes him a loot like us.

10. Jeff said the world doesn’t usually set good or healthy examples for students to follow, and it broadcasts the message that there is no right or wrong. To face this world with Jesus, he wants students to know there’s a God who loves them. And when Kingdom workers face hard issues and difficult questions, they can hold onto that simple truth and trust Him.