Jr. High -

10 Things About ... Adrianna Cervantes —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/17/2019

CIY brings some of the most influential speakers from across the country to deliver Biblical truths to students. The “10 Things About” series offers a behind-the-scenes introduction into the lives of these talented youth ministry veterans.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Adrianna Cervantes.


1. She’s from Los Angeles, California – born and raised in the Sunny State! She said being Mexican means she gets to constantly eat incredible food.


2. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from California State University of Northridge and she’s currently working on an online Master’s in Ministry at Hope International University. This occasionally digs into sleeping time because she’s the programming coordinator for Shepherd Church.


3. She’s loving single life, so please don’t submit her name to the “Bachelorette.” She said one day she hopes to have a big, fluffy, out-of-control dog.


4. She can quote the “Parks and Recreation” television show scene-for-scene.


5. If you prefer any hot sauce other than Tapatio, you’re dead wrong. 


6. She has a loud, cackle laugh.


7. She knew God was calling her to Kingdom work after a summer camp when she was 16. She said those moments of obedience shaped and stretched the legs of her faith – making it real. She began leading worship at that time, and she’s been working in the church ever since.


8. She said oftentimes people think of a Kingdom worker as a pastor, but the more she’s walked with the Holy Spirit the more she’s seen that Jesus isn’t confined to that box.” In all things we do, every moment we breathe, we can be partnering with the Kingdom of God,” she said. “That means at school, working at a restaurant, while you’re with your family and friends – Kingdom workers are living as ambassadors for Christ. We’re all called to the glorious adventurous mission of Christ. Answering His call means seeking first His Kingdom in all that we do. His Kingdom looks like loving the outcast, serving neighbors and honoring those around us. His Kingdom looks like walking in step with the Holy Spirit and living out His word in our everyday lives.”


9. She said there are so many truths we can glean from the story of Elijah. The big one that stands out to her is that God desires to meet us in the gentle whisper because in order to hear a whisper you need to be near. “Our God is near,” she said. “He is a right-here-right-now kind of God. He is Emmanuel. Elijah covered his face in reverence and awe at His gentle whisper. The same whisper that spoke every star into existence. Don’t mistake it for a lack of power. The closeness of the God of the universe is where true power resides. The power is in our proximity to His Spirit, not the acts of greatness.”


10. Adrianna wants students to learn to desire the whisper moments of intimacy with the Lord. When Elijah was running for his life, that’s how God chose to meet him – in nearness. She said sometimes we’re led by feelings, but God wants us to meet Him in faithfulness. She plans to tell students that God adores them and longs to meet with them, and she plans to dare them to believe that God wants them to join His glorious, adventurous Kingdom work.