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10 ideas for youth ministry at a social distance —

By Becca Haines

Created on 04/23/2020

The Zoom platform is proving to be an excellent resource for youth ministry at a social distance. But for a lot of young people, Church is tangible – and COVID-19 is putting a strain on spirits.

That’s why youth leaders are seeking more varieties of ways to reach the next generation of Kingdom workers. Here are 10 different ways – beyond a video chat room – to interact with youth groups.


1. Handwritten Letters. Put pen to paper and send some snail mail to your young people. Personalized notes or postcards show how much you know and value them.

2. Care Packages. Customize some boxes, throw in some coloring books for the younger siblings, and deliver goodies to doorsteps. Communicate with parents to see if there’s anything specific that would brighten the kids’ day.

3. Phone Calls. Schedule one or two phone calls a day with each member of your small group. Depending on the size of your group, this would be an excellent opportunity to empower more adult volunteers to connect with students. Talk about nothing – or everything – the goal is to listen and for students to know that they’ve been heard.

4. Try Other Platforms. We’ve heard great things about Instagram Live and Discord, which is a gamer's app that allows several channels for different types of chat. If Zoom is getting stale, don’t be afraid to try something new.


5. Cook Together. What’s cool about this idea is that everyone can be making their own dish, or trying something new with everyone on the call.


6. Craft Together. Lean into your creative side and invite your group to make something with you on a video chat. It can be a simple bracelet or trinket to remind them that Christ is with them through every storm. Anything tangible means a lot to kinesthetic learners.


7. Email Quizzes. Find some great online quizzes – mostly fun ones – to send to your youth group. Hearing the results will be a great icebreaker for your next meeting.  


8. Personality Test. Truly get to know your students by sending them a Servants By Design personality test. Not only will you be able to see the results, they might learn something about themselves in the process.


9. Make a Playlist. Invite everyone to collaborate on creating a Spotify music playlist.


10. Create Tutorial Videos. Get on YouTube and share your skillsets. It can be anything from changing a flat tire to make-up tips. Have fun with it, and let your students learn more about you and the things you enjoy.


CIY would love to hear about ways you’re connecting with your youth groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Email