Prepare for

Move Rules

- Respect others, yourself and the school property. Treat others and the grounds like how you would want to be treated.

- No boys in girl’s dorms and vice versa.

- Alcohol, tobacco, vaping, drugs and weapons are absolutely prohibited.

- Everyone must be in their dorms by the designated “In Dorm Time”.

- Please follow the schedule.  Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.

- Please do not leave the auditorium once the speakers begin talking.

- Respect the campus – any damage will be paid for by your church and your parents/guardians.

- Please do not move furniture and rearrange the furniture unless permission is given.

- No food deliveries of any kind to the campus.

- Young people are not allowed to leave campus unless in emergency and ONLY with adult supervision; those staying behind must have an adult present.

What to Bring

· Bible

· Notebook and pen/pencil

· Clothing for five days, including travel time

· Personal toiletry items, including prescription medication

· Towel

· Bedding/sleeping bag to fit a single bed

· Camera

· Money for travel, the Æffect Store, offering, etc

· (optional) Athletic equipment for recreation time

. Face masks and hand sanitiser

What NOT to Bring

· Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc

· Refrigerators TV’s, or air-conditioners