A youth ministry experience no matter where you’re


Summer is a game changer - it always has been. And after this past year, it would behard to underestimate the significance of Summer 2021 for you and your young people. So what are your plans? How are you planning to re-connect with your young people? How are you planning to build new relationships with young people who have never heard about Jesus?

While there is still some uncertainty around the state of the world, one thing that is certain is that you can still have an awesome staycation event for your young people this summer, even if you’re still restricted by the pandemic.

MOVE/AT is a 4-session experience in a box! The sessions will walk your young people through four stories of Jesus in the book of John, and show them that Jesus is truly ‘For All, Forever.’ This experience will show them a Jesus who is for them and challenge them to live the life of a Kingdom Worker.

We want you to have a significant and impactful summer with your young people. CIY want to help you do that and that is why we are providing you with this intentional resource. Make MOVE/AT fit your group. Plan a mini-camp experience and use MOVE/AT to best suit you and your young people this summer.

What's Included?!

  • 4 dynamic sessions that will walk your students through stories of Jesus in the
    book of John and show them that He is truly For All, Forever

  •  Scripts to help you run the sessions and also do them yourself 

  • 5 small group experiences to help your young people dive deeper into the topic
    of the day, facilitated by our CIY Convos App.

  • CIY’s 2021 short film, called Nozomi. (A film based in Japan, looking at isolation
    that speaks into our current culture) 

  • Large group game ideas

  • Suggested worship set lists, host scripts and lots more ideas and pointers

  • Editable graphics

  • Response elements and more.

When you partner with CIY you will walk into the summer having a plan and knowing your students will hear the call of Christ to live out Kingdom work.

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