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Engage trains students for a life of Kingdom Work through cross-cultural experiences that show them what God is doing in places all over the world.

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We believe there is so much for you to see and learn from the work that God is doing through the global Church. On an Engage mission trip you’ll be challenged in ways that will allow God to grow and shape you into a mission-minded Kingdom Worker.


You may be ready to pack your bags and get on the plane tomorrow, but some of you have parents who aren’t ready to make that commitment. We want to help you start healthy conversations with your parents – conversations that will reveal your heart and enthusiasm for wanting to see and experience the work God is doing in other parts of the world. Here are some ideas to consider when talking to your parents:

Invite your parents into the conversation.

Do not flat out tell them you’re going to another country. Going on a mission trip like this should not be a quick decision, but rather one that is considered through lots of prayer and listening to the Lord. Ask your parents to join you in prayer and consider this with you. Explain that this is a decision you want to work through and make together. A decision to go, or not go, doesn’t have to be made immediately.

Share how God has placed this on your heart and why you believe this is what He is calling you to do. Reveal your pure and true motives. This isn’t just another fun thing on your bucket list, and your parents need to see that!

If you’ve already shared this calling with a youth leader, he or she can be a great support for you. Ask him or her to share the value of a mission trip like this with your parents. 

Ask for help in deciding on a trip location and remember to be flexible. There are opportunities to learn and see God at work anywhere you go. Your parents might have more reservations about certain places. Allow them to express those concerns, and then perhaps choose a location with which they are more comfortable.

Be ready to do your research.

Your parents will most likely have lots of questions. Be prepared for these questions by doing your research and finding answers. If you show them you have the motivation and drive to seek out answers on your own, that demonstrates the level of responsibility you’re willing to undertake with this opportunity.

Come up with ideas of ways you can fundraise to pay the expenses of an overseas trip. Below is information about fundraising. Use that information as a guide to help spark some creative ideas to raise money.

Connect with people who have gone on mission trips and ask them questions about things they learned and what God taught them. By doing this, you’ll gain valuable insight. 



We understand that the amount of money it takes to go on a mission trip may seem daunting, but funds can come from many sources over a period of several months. A few examples of fundraising ideas are:

  • Write a support letter. Once you’re accepted on a trip, Engage will provide you with a sample letter. Make the letter your own and send it to family, friends, church members, coaches, etc. The goal of the letter will be to ask for support in a couple of different ways. You’ll want to ask for prayer supporters (people who will commit to praying for you on a regular basis), as well as financial supporters.
  • Set up an online fundraising page. Engage has an online template for you to create your own fundraising page with a link that is uniquely your own. Once you’re accepted on a trip, you’ll be able to set up your page and send the link to family and friends, or to post to social media.
  • Host a fundraising dinner. Invest in making a meal for several people you know. You could even invite your whole church! At the dinner, explain to your guests what you want to do and why you want to do it, and ask for donations and prayer supporters.
  • Plan a race. 5K, full marathon, color run … you name it. The entrance fee will go to support your trip (other donations on top of the entrance fee may come in, as well).
  • Organize an auction or yard sale. Ask for friends or families in your church to donate items to the sale and all the proceeds will go to your trip expenses.
  • Facilitate a Parent’s Night Out. Gather some friends to help you out and use your church as a place to host a babysitting night. Parents can have a night out for a date and in return they can offer donations that will go directly toward your trip.
  • Go epic and plan a food fight! Ask all participants (even adults) to pay an entry fee and bring their own food (pudding, flour, rice, etc.). 3…2…1…FOOD FIGHT!!



Engage has developed a training resource with videos and exercises that will prepare you before the trip, guide you during the trip, and help you continue to process and learn after the trip. The training includes spiritual and cultural content, and will prepare you for international settings and for being a Kingdom Worker wherever you are. Our training is facilitated through the CIY Engage app and is a great way for you to interact with and get to know your team in the months leading up to the trip.