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Engage trains students for a life of Kingdom Work through cross-cultural experiences that show them what God is doing in places all over the world.

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For Parents

CIY has been sending students on mission trips all over the world for more than 30 years. There are numerous mission experiences available through Engage, and we’d be honored to partner with you as your child prepares to join one of our teams. This is a chance to help prepare your son or daughter for Kingdom Work as they go to college, into the world of business, or even into ministry. Seeing the global Church at work makes a difference in who they are, what they pursue and their own understanding of how their gifts and abilities can advance the Kingdom of God.

We understand you may feel apprehensive about sending your child overseas. Our Engage staff will walk alongside you every step of the way to assure you that your child will be in safe hands throughout the entire trip. 



Each Engage location is carefully researched to ensure the safety of each trip participant. Engage never takes a student team to a location without first sending CIY staff to do a survey and research trip.

Information relating to food, water, housing, political stability and health concerns are reviewed with our in-country mission partners. Engage monitors reports of political unrest and travel conditions through the U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Travel medical insurance is provided for each participant. The coverage for this plan includes doctor or hospital visits and admittance for illnesses or injuries. The plan also includes coverage of an emergency medical evacuation if a serious situation would arise.

Engage provides trained and qualified trip leaders, many of whom have decades of experience. Each trip leader is required to have a criminal and sex offender background check. 



Engage encourages each team member to raise support by supplying them with creative fundraising ideas. Many team members share stories of how God provided the necessary funds for their trip. It’s a great way for your child to stretch and develop his or her faith.

CIY provides an online tool to help with fundraising. Through this resource, students have the ability to share information about the trip and how others can support them. It also provides an online platform where supporters can donate directly to their trip using a credit or debit card. CIY holds a nonprofit 501c3 status, which means donations are eligible to be tax deductible.

Trip participants are accepted months in advance of their trips, giving them plenty of time to raise funds. A payment schedule is put in place, which helps participants stay on track to have all monies raised before the trip begins.


Updates from each team will be posted to the Engage website periodically. This is the best way to follow the progress of the team, and to hear some of the stories from their experience.

Trip Updates



Trip-specific information – such as recommended vaccinations, visa information, packing lists, transportation information, and instructions regarding the Engage training resource – will be communicated directly to you and your child with ample time to prepare for the trip. 



Our staff is always available to answer any questions and help guide you and your child through the process of joining one of our teams. Email us at or call (417) 781-2273.