For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That action happens at the point of CONTACT. It’s powerful. It’s motivational. It’s life-changing.

The God of the universe wants to make CONTACT with us. He wants to impact our lives. And He provides access to His awesome power at any time and for all people through this wonderful thing called prayer. But what is prayer? How does it work? When should you do it? What words should you use?

These are all questions that junior high students are asking. They have a hope that this mysterious God has power to affect their lives, but they aren’t sure how to talk to Him. Believe’s CONTACT tour will help young people all over the U.S. better understand the amazing gift of prayer and how it can make an impact on their lives.

  • Prayer is powerful because God is powerful.
  • Prayer is personal because God loves you.
  • Pray anytime about anything because God is listening.
  • Prayer is as varied as you are.
  • Prayer is Kingdom work.
  • The God of the universe is waiting ... are you ready to make CONTACT?