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Summer Event Status Tracker

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2021 MIX and MOVE COVID-19 Event Safety

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Important Update about 2021 SuperStart and Believe Tours

Release Date: 8/18/2020

Thank you for your support of Christ In Youth and your unwavering belief that Kingdom work never stops. Youth pastors and church leaders have demonstrated incredible grit over the last few months. We know you are planning and re-planning for the upcoming school year, and we want you to be aware of an adjustment to the CIY calendar.

Today we are announcing the suspension of the Winter/Spring 2021 SuperStart and Believe tours.

Since May, our team has been using three questions to guide nearly every decision: Is it safe? Is it possible? Is it wise? In full transparency, here are our answers to those questions regarding Winter/Spring 2021 events:

Is it safe? With the information available to us right now, we do not believe it is safe to hold large gatherings of 1,000+ students.

Is it possible? Honestly, we don’t know. Communities are battling the pandemic at different intensities and local guidelines change week to week. What is possible this week could become unfathomable next week.

Is it wise? After a lot of prayers and strategizing, we determined that we can’t responsibly invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into preparing these events.

Hear from Jayson French, CIY's President, for more on this decision:

It’s not a perfect decision, but based on the information we have today, we believe this is the best possible decision for your church and CIY. We would love nothing more than to hang out with your preteens and junior highers and watch the Holy Spirit work. We’re sad we won’t get to witness His work in your students firsthand, but we’re confident that good things are in store for your ministry this year.

We expect that we will return to large gatherings in the future and are planning to hold on-site MOVE and MIX events in the summer of 2021.

In the meantime, we are deploying our creative teams to build products that meet the needs of youth ministries 365 days a year, no matter what restrictions might be in place. We can’t wait to tell you about what we’re working on very soon.

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It is not the year we planned, but we believe God is still at work through His church. CIY will continue to be here for you, even if we can’t meet you in person. Keep up the good work. It counts.

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